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Robot Lips is a game about building assembly lines to build robots made during the Idlethumbs Wizard Jam 4. Due to time i couldn't really polish the game and add sound, but there is fun to be had.

Some tips that may not be clear when playing the game:

WSAD to move

click to go through instructions

you can press TAB while holding the pad to cycle through screens

you can press TAB while not holding the pad to bring the building menu

you can left click to bring up the pad, if you click while pointing to a mechanism you can use its functions.

SENSORS can trigger functions.

functions can be called in other mechanisms by putting its name beforehand:



will call the function colorG in the mechanism painter2

functions can be set to be delayed by adding a integer number(seconds) inside parentheses after.



F1 to start and stop the test run.

Good Luck and thanks for playing!

ps: first level lighting is kinda bugged


Robot Lips.rar 20 MB

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